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Make Videos

Get Rewarded!

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Make Videos

Get Rewarded!

How it Works

Sign Up
Go to the top of the page and click on the sign up.
Record a Video
Review our simple guidelines and record a short video.
Upload a video
Login into your RideGuide account, and upload your video directly from your phone or laptop.
Get Paid
Once your video is accepted, we’ll send you a payment on CashApp in 3-5 days.

Get Started

Record a video using the camera on your smart phone. No additional equipment or software is required.

Sample Video

Happy Ride Guides

It’s a fun, easy way to make some extra money.

I love cars and I love to make videos. I borrowed a friend’s new Honda and was able to record 5 videos in less than an hour. They were easy to upload the videos. The next day I had a message in my RideGuide account that three videos had been accepted. I’m definitely going to look for more videos to do.

Matt Bloom
New York

David Spindler


The guidelines from RideGuide were easy to follow and I had fun making videos in my new car. I uploaded them right from my phone, and they were accepted right away. I had the cash before the weekend. Thank you RideGuide.


New York

Start Uploading Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the top of the page and click sign up. You’ll need an email address and a mobile phone number to
create an account. It’s that easy!

It’s not difficult at all. You don’t need any special equipment or software, just a smart phone with a
good camera. First, review our sample video and guidelines. Next, check out our Hot List to see what
videos we need. You’re ready to make your first video!


Any smartphone with a good camera can be used to make a RideGuide video.

We’ll use the VIN number to confirm that the make, model, year and trim of the video you are
submitting matches the item in our list.

Log into your RideGuide account and click on Submit a Video. Find the video you are submitting in our
list and click the upload button. Enter a VIN number. Select the video on your smartphone that you
want to upload and hit submit. You are done!

Log into your RideGuide account and click on My Videos. When the status of a video shows approved,
click on the payment pincode icon. Go to CashApp and send a payment request to $RideGuide. Don’t
forget to put your pincode into the notes field. We’ll process your payment in 3-5 days.